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Call for Collaboration: Leadership Development Effectiveness, Moving from “Know How” of Leadership to “Show How”
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Problem Statement: The consistent and ongoing misassumption of almost all leadership development programs is "if they understand, they will do." This assumption is not valid in any aspect of our lives, and leadership development is no exception. A large part of Training Budgets is spent on the “Know How” leaving potential leaders with a lot of frameworks, but no formal Coaching methodology for them to “Show How” this knowledge.

Purpose of the Call for Collaboration:

Work and Jointly deliver Leadership programs with likeminded CEEMAN experts in the areas of leadership development specifically with respect to:

  1. How are Global Leaders of Tomorrow Measured?
  2. How do companies make their Leadership Teams more effective?
  3. What are the new Leadership skills in the VUCA world?
  4. How to establish that leaders only get better if they pick something important to improve on, involve the people (Stakeholders) around them and follow up in a disciplined way.
  5. Long-term change in leadership effectiveness takes time, follow-up and discipline - not just understanding.
  6. Collaborate on the above principles to deliver on behalf of CEEMAN or its constituent members – Know How and Show How journeys that make a difference.

About Shantanu Sen Sharma:

Shantanu Sen Sharma is a passionate, energetic and learned Leadership Coach and Mentor. His areas of focus and interest are mainly centered around Identifying and Developing leadership in the Technology Industry, Sales Professionals and Academic Leaders. He has an experience of 25 plus years in the Technology industry - at least 12 of them in Leadership roles in a Global environment. He lives out of Pune, India.

He is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach.

His contact info:
Phone: +91 99234 10550