Three-day Program Management Seminar ends with participants leaving Bled with a great learning experience
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Three-day Program Management seminar ended in Bled. From 5 April, 51 participants from all over the world had a unique opportunity to meet new people and colleagues from other countries and listen to some of the most prominent professors of business education in Bled.

CEEMAN and IEDC-Bled School of Management president Prof. Dr. Danica Purg who is a strong advocate of ethics, stressed that management can be used as a tool to change society. Professor Purg presented cases with ethical dilemmas participants could be facing in their work environment. The discussion was interesting and diverse.  

CEEMAN interim director, prof. Dr. Drikus Kriek gave a lecture on creative problem solving and emphasized that knowledge is not something that someone gives, but knowledge is something we share and co-create. 

And that is why networks are fundamentally important, stressed prof. Dr. Mike Page. The real benefit are diverse networks that we are building, but the challenge that we face when building networks is that we find it easier to find networks who are like us and it takes more energy and commitment to build diverse networks. »But diverse networks is where the true benefits come from« says prof. Page.

In the end participants had a session on marketing and communications with Andrew Crisps, from CarringtonCrisp, who shared his experience and inputs on various strategies and projects from management education sphere in terms of visibility, promotion, alumni engagement, and others.   

During the three days in Bled, the program managers and deans of business and management schools from 20 countries had a chance to exchange a lot of ideas and experiences and also build their own networks that we hope will bring new collaboration projects in the future. 

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