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You have just opened the first Newsletter of “Skilled Business Leaders for Skilled Europe” (Lead4Skills). We would kindly like to introduce you this Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project and tell you more about the 8 organizations involved. The project is results are meant to be used by academic institutions and management practitioners – this is why we wrote you! Activities within the project will include preparation of cross-country report based on the findings of CEEMAN-led research on Management Development Needs in Dynamic Societies, development of guidelines for higher education institutions curricula, teaching materials and tools, and related education and dissemination events. Each newsletter will include an interesting interview, preliminary results with interpretation and a partner in focus.

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Rok, Lead4Skills Project Manager

Central Interview

Why building international research project consortiums is absolutely crucial for modern educational institutions and what are broader trends, challenges and the future of management education? Read an interview by Marge Sassi from EBS with our program manager, Rok Ramšak.

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Preliminary L4S

Enjoy the first preliminary result from our research on Management and Leadership Development Needs, this time by RISEBA” University of Business, Arts and Technology. The aim of the interviews was to map the challenges of the companies. It is possible to conclude from the first results, that human factor tends to be at the forefront of the business challenges regardless of the sector the company is operating.

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Partner in Focus

Each month we will be presenting one of our project partners, specifically on their most recent and current research projects and researchers in management. This month we are focusing on Kozminski University from Poland.

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Current Project Milestones

After two successful international project meetings research partners are currently working on analysing data collected during project preparation stage. The data was gathered using qualitative in-depth interviews with management personnel in 10 companies in every state, accompanied by a quantitative survey distributed to a wider range of companies.

The analysis will result in individual country reports, case studies and a cross-country report. These findings combined with new information and skills gained on LTT events organized by CEEMAN, will later be used to develop new guidelines for education on management and leadership skills.

Partners will soon meet at start of April for their first joint learning and training event, where we will focus on program & education process management. They will gain theoretical and practical insight that will enable them to develop more in depth and auspicious guidelines.

Results, study and guidelines will be presented in a scientific book on “Management and leadership Development Needs in Dynamically Changing Societies”, which will be published by Springer. Intellectual outputs will also be available in a more raw form on Erasmus+ Project Results Platform that serves as a source of inspiration “from the pool of good practices and success stories, i.e. projects that distinguished themselves in terms of policy relevance, communication potential, impact or design.”

The data, interpretations and guidelines will be broadly applicable and instrumental for higher education institutions, entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

You can already find some interesting preliminary project findings from Latvia in this newsletter, but more will soon be published on the project website, so make sure to follow us closely.

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