The CEEMAN’s extensive programs provide an excellent platform for discussions and thinking about how the improved quality of management and management schools can be the catalyst to drive urgently needed changes, innovation and creativity.
Matej Potokar,
General Manager, Microsoft Services CEE

IMTA Educational Material Development Program

The IMTA Educational Material Development Programs – Case Writing Module and Research and Publishing Module - build on the success of CEEMAN's IMTA - International Management Teachers Academy, a major European faculty development program.

The two modules respond to a broadly shared perception among CEEMAN members that excellence in teaching can only be achieved if institutions and faculty members commit themselves to bringing new knowledge into the classroom through up-to-date and relevant cases and managerially-oriented research. They also address a demand from IMTA graduates for follow-up education to complement their previous IMTA studies.

The Case Writing and Research and Publishing modules can be taken in parallel, one after another, or separately. To properly round out the teaching focus of IMTA, we strongly recommend that participants sooner or later complete both modules. Expertise in teaching, in case writing, and in research and publication are essential credentials for a well-rounded faculty member. A strong commitment to all three competencies sets excellent institutions apart from others. Whenever possible, candidates should consider attending the IMTA program before the modules, but this is not a precondition for admission.

Both modules rely heavily on individual coaching and field work, and both have a preparatory seminar where relevant skills are acquired and the individual (case or research) project is refined, and a concluding workshop where final output is polished, shared, and critiqued by peer participants and faculty. 

IMTA Module on Case Writing

IMTA Module on Research and Publishing