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General Manager, Microsoft Services CEE,

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EdTech 2021

Join us for the next edition of EdTech seminar, which will take place over three sessions spanning three weeks (17, 24, and 31 March 2021). The seminar aims to set an example for engagement with a focus on interactivity and co-creation.

Some say that many of the new digital habits in teaching are here to stay even after effective vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 become widely available. Others surmise that it will be several months or longer until medical advances enable Business Schools to resume their teaching and extracurricular routines. Regardless of these opinions, it is certain that even though students and professors have graciously accepted some more or less half-baked online teaching solutions as an emergency measure, neither group will sustain that degree of patience if the same teaching and learning experience is to continue for months. Therefore, it is urgent that Business Schools and individual instructors raise the level of student engagement, teaching effectiveness, and overall learning experience in online teaching.

EdTech 2020- Beyond the Pandemic Emergency was created with a very specific goal in mind - offering the shortest path to successful synchronous online teaching and helping individual faculty members raise the quality of their online performance while also improving the student experience and learning outcomes by making the most of the capabilities offered by common online tools. With 2020 edition being a great success (you can read about it here), we have decided to hold it again in March 2021.

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