Recent publications

CEEMAN is very proud to announce that the book "The Management Transformation of Huawei: From Humble Beginnings to Global Leadership" written by CEEMAN Borad member Prof. Xiaobo WU, Prof. Can Huang, and Prof. Bin Guo from Zhejiang University, China and Prof. Johann Peter Murmann from Universität St Gallen, Switzerland, will be published at Cambridge University Press in April, 2020. It documents how and why Huawei has been able to grow from a small company with registered capital of USD 5,600 in 1987 to a global leading ICT solutions provider and the most prominent multinational company in China.
A book with focus on the capacity of re-shaping lots of Quality of Life (QoL) Challenges through Behavioural Economics (BE). Dr Buheji & Dr Ahmed explain the QoL socio-economic issues from the human behaviour perspective and how they are related to Inspiration Economy and its tools.
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