Being an active CEEMAN member since 1997, MIM-Kyiv is proud of being re-accredited with IQA, which serves not only as an international mark of distinction, but also as an effective tool for both the academic excellence and the institutional development.
Iryna Tykhomyrova,
President, International Management Institute MIM-Kyiv, Ukraine


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The main objectives of the CEEMAN IQA

In general:

  • To set and promote international standards for management development programs and institutions in the context of their respective mission and specific environments
  • To assist management development institutions in developing a clear and meaningful focus in their environment that will result in the creation and delivery of high-quality relevant management education
  • To award and promote advanced management development institutions for the results achieved and impact made, while also encouraging their continuous improvement policy and programs and providing advice and support in their implementation
  • To promote the originality, creativity, innovation, and high professional and ethical contribution to local and international business and academic communities, and to promote responsible leadership, based on the Principles of Responsible Management Education of the United Nations Global Compact

Specifically for the candidate institutions:

  • To identify the critical dimensions and criteria that an institution should follow to create, improve and sustain high-quality and relevant management education
  • To help faculty members and staff engaged in management development institutions understand their role in the pursuit of the institution's mission and its continuous self-improvement process, and encourage them to provide their own contribution

For customers and potential participants:

  • To help customers and other stakeholders understand the value of management education and obtain the benefits on a value-for-value basis
  • To assure customers and users of an accredited institution that the institution is pursuing and achieving the critical criteria for high-quality and relevant management education and development

Relevant Documents

IQA Brochure

IQA Policy and Procedures (latest update: December 2011)

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