Recent publications

The summer 2018 edition of CEEMAN News puts special emphasis on the upcoming CEEMAN Annual Conference in Prague and the association's 25th anniversary that will be celebrated there. In line with that, it features an interview with Roger Martin, one of the most innovative management thinkers of our time, as he will be one of the keynote speakers at the conference. The issue also gives you an account of our ongoing as well as recently concluded events, and introduces you to the exciting new workshop CEEMAN is launching for top leadership teams for the first time this year. CEEMAN member and partner organizations are also included sharing information on upcoming events, updates, and research insights.
Exploring Inspiration Economy is a book that explains the relation of Behavioural Economics based Inspiration that use the Intrinsic powers of (individuals, organisations and communities) to address socio-economic needs. The book shows how the concept have been developing rapidly in the last few years with its more differentiated live labs applications that are influencing the quality of life and the development of many communities.
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