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Call for Cooperation: Ozone – Our March to “Employability”
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The situation in India for Technical Graduates:
India has over 1 Million Engineering Graduates and over 0.5 Million Post Graduate Management students passing out every year. While the supply side volumes are good, at the demand or company end, the general belief is that an overwhelming majority of this labour force is “Unemployable”. Estimates range from 70% unemployable to as high as 85%. The underlying causes are many, but the key one is how relevant are these students to the industry, especially in the rapidly changing VUCA world. The key perhaps is to complement the academic curriculum with a learning that is both application based or experiential and have a mix of academics and industry personnel to deliver these programs. It is with this board objective in mind that Ozone was conceptualized in 2011, one rainy morning in Mumbai.

Ozone is an initiative conceptualized and rolled out with tremendous success over the past 5 years, by a set of Senior Industry Professionals and is targeted at boosting employability.
We look at employability in 3 broad areas:
1. Campus Mentoring: Over 11,000 MBA students have been mentored through this initiative – not just in terms of employability skill enhancement but also correct employment and fitment. Ozone does a lot of individual mentoring and coaching based on a “Strengths” approach.
2. Campus to Corporate: Ozone works with key companies and helps them “down select” students from the campuses where Ozone has been mentoring. Ozone also works with the recruiting company in making these students ready for that company or industry in the time between selections and joining.
3. In Flight skill enhancement: Here Ozone and its associates work alongside IT, Public Services and Manufacturing companies in skill enhancement of existing employees. This is a key lever in our operations as it keeps us industry savvy and relevant. Ozone also employs the Strengths based approach in Coaching and Mentoring Professionals.

What are we looking for?
1. Collaborating with Universities and Companies who are working towards bridging the Employability Gap.
2. Collaborating with Universities or Companies that are looking at building student engagement and success through Strengths based Coaching
3. Speaker opportunities in CEEMAN events particularly to do with bridging the Employability Gap.

Contact Details: Shantanu Sen Sharma +91 9923410550 and

Ozone_Our March to “Employability”