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Call for the CEU/HESP visiting fellowship
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Faculty Development Fellowships will be available for academics employed in full-time teaching positions in eligible higher education institutions who wish to spend one term at CEU conducting research that will help them enhance their courses and/or advance towards a doctoral degree. The eligible institutions are: American University-Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan), Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences (Palestine), Birzeit University (Palestine), and any higher education institution in Myanmar.

Research Excellence Fellowships will be offered to academics employed in higher education institutions and/or academic research institutions in the countries of the Global South who wish to spend one or two terms at CEU conducting original research that will lead to a groundbreaking publication in an international peer-reviewed journal.

Fellows of both programs can be hosted by any CEU department, school or research center.

The deadline for applications to both programs for the academic year 2016/17 is 31 January 2016.

We would be grateful if you forward the call to anyone who you think might be interested in this opportunity.

Application package and more information on the program are available here.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Ilona Ilyés, program coordinator, at