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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® can announce a new success story. With the support of the London-based INDO GLOBAL ACADEMIA ALLIANCE (IGAA), a new scholarship is being established to enable students from India to pursue a Master's degree at MCI at preferential conditions.

Specifically, students selected by the international jury will receive a financial grant of EUR 10.000,00, thus reducing their tuition fees by a corresponding amount.

With this new scholarship, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® once again succeeds in attracting students from all over the world and, in particular, in further expanding its international network in India.

The prestigious scholarship is established under the patronage of the long-time Chairman of IGAA Mr. Mahender Khari, who has been closely associated with MCI for many years in form of a guest lecturer, mentor and bridge builder to Indian universities.

Photo: Mahender Khari, chair of the INDO-GLOBAL-ACADEMIA ALLIANCE based in London, supports the scholarship. ©MCI

The scholarship can be applied for by Indian citizens who wish to study for a Master's degree at the MCI and are selected for the scholarship by the international jury on the basis of their previous achievements, their extracurricular commitments and their study and career goals.

The creation of a global network through student exchange is the common goal of IGAA and MCI. This scholarship, under the patronage of IGAA Chairman Mahender Khari, is awarded to Indian students in recognition of their exceptional academic achievements to strengthen their education and develop and implement their academic, entrepreneurial, ethical, critical and innovative thinking.

“This financial help in the form of scholarship may also prove helpful for those academically focused students who wish to participate more fully in the host of extracurricular activities on the MCI campus and beyond”, emphasizes Mahender Khari, Chairman Indo-Global-Academia Alliance, UK.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann adds: "We are incredibly proud to welcome young talents from this booming economic power and thus to connect MCI students worldwide. We thank IGAA for setting up this opportunity at MCI."

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