I wish to express my gratitude to  CEEMAN for this recognition [which] belongs not only to me, but also to all collaborators in Estonian Business School and other schools and research institutions.
Ruth Alas,
Estonian Business School, Estonia

CEEMAN Champion Awards

CEEMAN Champion Awards 2024

At a time when many, if not most, CEEMAN member schools are not ranked by major ranking systems like the Financial Times, the CEEMAN Board has been looking for other ways to publicize widely the outstanding achievements of our member institutions and their faculty, management, and staff. Each year, starting in 2010, CEEMAN recognizes outstanding achievements of individuals from CEEMAN member institutions, in the categories of teaching, research, responsible management education, and institutional management.

CEEMAN Champion Awards are given exclusively to individuals from CEEMAN member institutions.

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Award categories

In all CEEMAN Champion Awards categories, the judges will have a special eye for:

CEEMAN Leader of the Year

The institutional management award is given for any of, or a combination of, the following:

  • the building of a particular resource, for example, faculty, staff, or a specific institutional competence
  • a program portfolio or research portfolio for the institution
  • the organization as whole (structure, internal processes, culture)
  • corporate and business relationships
  • an innovative approach to managing a specific staff function (e.g. finance, marketing, operations, student relations, alumni activities)

CEEMAN Teacher of the Year

The teaching award is given for any of, or a combination of, the following:

  • a video of a class taught, together with a written brief explaining the teaching objectives, teaching strategy, desired timing, blackboard plan, expected take-home, and how it fits with previous and subsequent sessions
  • a course outline which has been already taught, together with a written brief explaining overall teaching objectives, teaching plan, and how the various sessions contribute to the overall desired result
  • a description of an original innovative teaching process or methodology which has been already used together with a written brief explaining how it relates to other methodologies, what special benefits it offers, development costs incurred by the institution, and potential transferability to other CEEMAN institutions

CEEMAN Researcher of the Year

The research award is given to a candidate who demonstrates evidence of credible and useful research leading to better understanding of organizational or managerial practices. Credible research follows sound scientific practice and useful research has a distinct contribution to society.

A candidate is expected to demonstrate a responsible research output evidenced by a number of research outputs or a significant monograph that advance knowledge around a particular research theme.

No preference is given to the choice of methodology of the scientific inquiry. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome and innovative approaches are encouraged.

Please consult the principles for responsible research as a guide to the above concepts - www.rrbm.network. These principles are supported by CEEMAN.

CEEMAN Responsible Management Educator of the Year

The responsible management education award is given for any of, or a combination of the following:

  • Contribution to institutional progress in implementing principles for responsible management education (PRME) and achieving PRME objectives by instilling the purpose and values of global social responsibility, adapting curricula, teaching methodologies and processes, conducting conceptual and empirical research, and developing educational materials, concepts and frameworks to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability into the mainstream of the institution’s business-related education.
  • Facilitation and support to a dialogue among management educators, businesses, government, consumers, media, civic society organizations and other learning partners on critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability, and building partnerships and alliances aimed at more effective responding to the related challenges.


How detailed and how long should the submission be?

Each submission should include:

  • Maximum five pages of main text - should start by stating the full name, job position and school/institution/company of the person that is being nominated, and the award category you are going for.
  • Nomination/recommendation letter from the Dean or equivalent
  • Optional: appendices and/or video material
  • For the teaching award category, applications should also include a record of the nominee's recent teaching evaluations and how these compare to the averages in the institution or department (to be provided by the institution or academic department).
  • For the research award category, applications should also include examples of research papers and a 5 page CV.

For all nominations, we recommend paying attention to:

  • Quality of the nomination content, clearly demonstrating the importance and impact of the achievement
  • Quality of the presentation/submission
  • Breadth of thinking behind the work
  • Relevance to practice, as well as contact with practice in producing the work
  • International/regional resonance

What are the deadlines?

Deadline for submissions is 1st of May 2024.

How to submit?

Submissions should be sent to CEEMAN Project Manager Teja Dušak at teja.dusak@ceeman.org. If the nomination documents exceed 3Mb, please send them via https://wetransfer.com/ or other file-sharing applications. All nomination documents should be in English.


Award winners can expect:

  • Direct benefits to personal and institutional reputation
  • Considerable PR and press coverage of the award ceremony
  • Exclusive CEEMAN interview with the Champion Award winners
  • Attendance at the 32th CEEMAN Annual Conference (conference fee waiver)
  • Champion Award certificate 

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