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Proceedings of CEEMAN Annual Conferences summarize the deliberations of the association’s major annual event starting with the first CEEMAN Annual Conference held in 1993.

Proceedings of the CEEMAN Poster session within the 28th CEEMAN Annual Conference
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It is a pleasure to share proceedings from the 2020 poster session, which took place within the 28th CEEMAN Annual Conference events.

Initiated by CEEMAN’s IMTA-International Management Teachers Academy alumnus Zoltan Buzady and organized for the first time at the CEEMAN Annual Conference in Tallinn in 2016, the poster session has become a valuable addition to the Conference. It offers a platform for faculty and researchers to share their latest work in teaching and research, best practices, and ideas, in a fast-paced and engaging format. For the first time, the poster session took place online, which also partially contributed to broader international representation of authors.

To facilitate wider dissemination of the poster session insights, we are glad to offer them also in the form of a publication. We hope they will be useful, and inspire further thinking and sharing your own valuable experience in the future events.

In this publication, authors have shared their write-ups of the posters, while the posters themselves can be viewed by following the QR-code next to each title, or at the 28th CEEMAN Annual Conference website www.ceeman.org/28thconference (Materials section).

Our thanks go to all poster session presenters, as well as to Claudio Rivera for his kind support with reviewing the submissions and moderating the session’s track on Best Practices/Teaching Tools, and Drikus Kriek for co-moderating Research/New Trends track during the event.

Enjoy the reading, and looking forward to receiving many great submissions in the following years!

Olga Veligurska
CEEMAN Director