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New highly practice-oriented management textbook
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IMTA alumnus Dietmar Sternad, Professor of International Management at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria) provides a new comprehensive resource for teaching management with his textbook »Effective Management: Developing Yourself, Others and Organizations«, published by Macmillan International Higher Education/Red Globe Press.

The new innovative textbook introduces key managerial concepts in a highly engaging and practice-oriented way. It offers a comprehensive overview of the field of management and is specifically designed to prepare management students for the managerial challenges of today´s globalized and digitalized world, including coverage of global virtual teams, digital technology, intercultural communication and dealing with different ethical standards.

The book includes case studies and examples from more than 20 countries from all five continent to provide deep insights into management practice. The ten chapters cover all the main managerial challenges and help students to explore the role and responsibility of managers, self-management, effective leadership and teamwork, managing diversity across cultures, effective decision making, developing and executing strategies, managing for results, and entrepreneurship and innovation in a managerial context. The appendix of the book includes a concise history of management thinking and a glossary of management terms.

»The participation in CEEMAN´s IMTA was the main trigger for me to start developing teaching and learning materials,« says the author Dietmar Sternad. »IMTA also strengthened my belief in practice-oriented and experiential learning that helps students to build their skills in managing and developing themselves, others and organizations. As I was unable to find the right textbook for supporting this learning approach, I decided to write it myself. It was quite a challenging journey during the eight years that I have worked on the book. But now I am really happy to be able to share all of these materials – in the form of the textbook and the companion website – with my colleagues.«

The companion website for the textbook provides further learning and teaching resources, including a lecturer manual with extensive teaching notes for all the chapters and the cases, PowerPoint slides for all chapters, a test bank, weblinks to videos and interview articles about managers from around the world, self-development forms and questionnaires, and interactive flash cards.

More information about the new textbook (ISBN: 978-1-352-00729-9) can be found on the Macmillan International Higher Education website at and on the companion website