Call for Collaboration: Business & Government Strategy Consultant Services Proposal/Offer for Government Agencies, Companies, Investors, Financial Organizations, and Business Schools
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Purpose of the Call for Collaboration:

To provide consulting services with government agencies, companies, investors,financial organizations, and business schools. Specifically, Monica can provide in-company/organizational educational programs and business schools educational programs for improving graduate/executive education in business schools and in-company employee/executive training programs.

Dr. Monica Thiel has expertise in sustainability investments performance and reporting, partnership performance, corporate and government social and environmental responsibility, governance, organizational psychology, and contested organizations through research, publications and teaching as a professor and as a former practitioner across sectors and industries. In addition, she is developing better theories with metrics that drive responsible competitive intelligence for improving organizational performance, governance, risk management and profit.

Monica is confident that you could use her special broad expertise because she does not know of other independent consultants or consulting firms that focus and provide results in her niche areas. Specifically, she can make suggestions for improving organizational checks and balances, key stakeholder management in sustainability issues and beyond.

Monica will be happy to send you any additional information and to discuss and schedule a time by telephone or in person regarding potential consulting opportunities.

About Monica Thiel:

Dr. Thiel

Monica Thiel is a Business & Government Strategy Consultant, a Guest Professor at The University of International Business & Economics and a member of The American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China. She is a UNCG PRME Working Group Member on Poverty, a Challenge for Management Education

She is a member of the Academy of Management. Her research articles and case studies have been published in many peer-reviewed journals. She is an editorial board member for Frontiers Journal Organizational Psychology, The International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, and an Associate Editor, Co-Editor and author of books about corporate and government responsibility and sustainable development. Prior to her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Social Science at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Monica worked in multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, government, military, science, finance, healthcare, research and small-medium enterprises in business management and social responsibility initiatives. Her current research interests include corporate and government responsibility, competitiveness, performance management, governance, sustainable development, competitiveness and cross-sector partnerships.

Her contact info:

Phone: +86 151 0203 2467