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Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Associate Professor of Management, Corvinus University of Budapest, is inviting academic partners, faculty and institutions, who wish to adopt FLIGBY, an innovative Flow-Leadership development serious game (online simulation) at their university, business school or on corporate education teaching and trainings.


Why is Flow important?

●     When we are in this mental state of Flow, we perform at our peak. Not only do our creativity and productivity levels soar, but we experience a deep sense of personal satisfaction. Work becomes a source of enjoyment.

Why is Flow important for leaders?

●     While most people enjoy working when it provides Flow, too few jobs are designed to make Flow possible. This is where management can make a real difference.

●     For a manager or leader who truly cares about the bottom line in the broadest sense of that term, the first priority is to eliminate obstacles to Flow at all levels of the organization and to substitute practices and policies that are designed to make work enjoyable.

●     A workplace conducive to Flow is ideal because it attracts the most able individuals, is likely to keep them longer, and obtains spontaneous effort from their work. It is best, too, from the viewpoint of employees because it helps them to a happier life, and it supports their skill development and personal growth.

Why is FLIGBY an innovative leadership development tool?

●     FLIGBY, is teaching how to generate FLOW at the workplace.

●     Designated by experts as the globe’s top leadership development game (Gold Medal Prize, International Serious Play Awards, Seattle, 2012).

●     Employs real-life simulation, in an interactive, movie-like setting; teaching how Flow can be promoted at the workplace. Aspiring as well as experienced managers will identify with it and learn from it.

●     FLIGBY is the “gamification” the Flow-based leadership growth process. You can build an entire course around it or use it just to enrich and enliven existing courses.

●     At the Game’s end, FLIGBY provides an individual report to each player on his/her skill sets, with a range of benchmarking options available.

●     FLIGBY is available as a powerful management-training and consulting tool with which to approach any organization interested in improving the performance of its managers/leaders. Try it in a course and see where it can lead!

What do we want to research?

●     One purpose of the "Leadership & Flow Global Research Network" is to integrate ideas and research linked to the Flow concept with other theories and applications of leadership development, to the benefit of all schools of thought and program participants. Another objective is to better match managerial & business challenges to particular leadership skills that are most useful for effectively handling them.

●     FLIGBY’s large data-set offers a unique research opportunity because the players’ leadership skill measurements are based on non-intrusive observations, yielding unbiased outcomes.

●     The objective of the Leadership & Flow program is to create a worldwide community of scholars and practitioners including the continued active involvement of world-famous Prof. Csikszentmihalyi, founder of positive psychology..

●     The research is sponsored by FLIGBY license owners. 

●     A more detailed description of the "Leadership & Flow Global Research Program and Network" can be explored on

Please contact Zoltan Buzady (, Associate Professor of Management, Corvinus University of Budapest, Director, ‘Leadership & Flow Global Research Network’.