Ιnnovations that Inspire: AACSB recognizes Alba for the Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI)
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Congratulations to CEEMAN institutional member Alba, which is recognized as an AACSB International 2019 Innovation That Inspires and is serving as a champion of change in the business education landscape. Their Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) initiative is creating both change in the business education landscape and also value to business and the society.

Τhis is the second time that Alba is receiving a distinction in this competition, proving that it is one of the few select institutions around the world who serve as champions of change in the business education landscape.

This year, the Innovations That Inspire challenge’s focus emphasized the co-creation of knowledge — one of five opportunities identified in AACSB’s Collective Vision for Business Education. With research and thought leadership as a foundation, the highlighted institutions are engaging in a wide range of collaborative partnerships to support new curriculum, establish new products or services, and impact industry and government policy.

Based on an annual survey of HR executives, the Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) measures anticipated changes in attracting and recruiting personnel and provides a think tank for HR executives in Greece.

Regarding its innovation impact, it is estimated that the RCI has collected more than 2,000 unique answers during the 11 years of its existence in Greece, involving HR executives from all business sectors, private and public. It also receives important publicity in specialized and general press (political and financial national newspapers, labor market and HR community magazines, websites, and more). The results are constantly used by national institutions (ministries and general secretariats, research centers, consultants) and international bodies (delegations of international institutions to Greece) for the production of national reports related to the condition of the Greek labor market. Furthermore, the HR executives deeply appreciate participating in the annual RCI event, where they have the chance to network, exchange opinions on current market trends, and gain exposure to the most recent research on HR and related issues. 

The RCI has been supported over the years by various companies and associations like, Boussias communicatios, Greek People Management Association and also Continental that sponsored the dissemination events.

Dean Dr. Kostas Axarloglou commented on Alba's innovation and the importance of its recognition "Alba, being close in the economy and the business community provides the RCI as to help the business community to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the labor market. It is a true distinction to receive the AACSB award among the elite of the world business schools, a recognition of the School's support to the business community."

Commenting on the role of the role of the Recruitment Confidence Index, Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos, Director of Applied Research, said: “For more than a decade, the Recruitment Confidence Index has operated not only as a barometer of the job market but of the Greek economy in general. It stands as proof that economic activity and the demand for manpower are inextricably linked and follow parallel routes. Alba is proud to have contributed creatively in both parts of this relationship: by developing and feeding the job market with new capable executives, on one hand, an by elaborating and capitalizing on new management methods and technologies for the growth of Greek enterprises, on the other.”

For her part, Ms. Stella Mariou, Director of Quality and Accreditations, spoke enthusiastically about the recognition: “This is the second time that we are ranked with the best in this competition and we are thrilled that one of our applied research initiatives is selected among the 21 best AACSB ‘Innovations that Inspire’ for 2019. Alba's commitment to quality, driven by our passion to innovate and make an impact to the business world, is definitely acknowledged and strengthened from such an honor from AACSB.”

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