Business Individual Program of Studies (BIPS)
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In 2017, Wrocław University of Economics initiated an innovative didactic project aimed at building the Student-Academia-Business relationship. The Business Individual Program of Studies (BIPS) recruited the first group of students in the beginning of 2018 and now the second edition of the program is coming up.

BIPS is a project addressed to ambitious students who want to gain a unique experience thanks to three-semester individual work under the supervision of an academic tutor and a business mentor. During these dual business and academic studies, students will work on individual and team projects, and develop their own business ideas.

The goals of BIPS are:

  • to accelerate students career through personal, social and professional development and through a greater individualization of the educational process to respond best to the needs, interests, and aspirations of those under their care
  • to develop an educational culture based on master-student relations
  • to prepare students to take on the challenges of the future by drawing more attention to key competences, such as team work, creativity, creative problem solving, critical thinking, and competence in the use of new technologies
  • to develop student entrepreneurship (including the creation of start-ups) with the support of business mentors and academic tutors
  • to facilitate closer cooperation between Wrocław University of Economics and business practice,
  • and to build long-lasting relationships between students, university staff, and business mentors who make up the BIPS community.
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