CEEMAN 25th Annual Conference will take place in Hangzhou, the ancient Chinese city that Marco Polo called the most splendid city in the world.
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Less than 3 months from now, CEEMAN is going to hold its 25th annual conference in Hangzhou in Zheijang province, China. Hangzhou, once a pearl of the ancient Silk Road, is today one of the best examples of Chinese innovative growth in global economy.

It has been almost a quarter of a century since CEEMAN was founded by its president Dr. Danica Purg to manage the challenges of management education in Central and Eastern Europe. CEEMAN is having its annual conference meeting in China’s Far East fast rising city of Hangzhou, kindly hosted by School of Management of Zhejiang University and its dean, Prof. Xiaobo Wu.      

Hangzhou, the city of 9 million people that has lately shown an ambition of global leadership and has developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit, is the place where CEEMAN is going to rethink entrepreneurship and discuss the challenges of management education in rising economies. 

Famous Italian merchant Marco Polo came all the way to Hangzhou on his travels back in the 13th century. It is said that the city struck him as the most splendid city in the world.  Today Hangzhou successfully mixes tradition and history with modern entrepreneurial spirit in the province that has over the last few years become a silicon valley of China, with the biggest Chinese companies. Hangzhou today is more often referred to as “House that Jack Built” for it is the hometown of the online giant Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma.  

Modern Hangzhou also has the ambition of becoming the meeting point of the world with conference tourism flourishing in many of its hotels. Last year G20 summit was held in the city. The Dragon hotel, that is going to host the CEEMAN conference, during G20 accommodated some of the most important world leaders, such as German chancellor Angela Merkel and then French president Francois Hollande. From 22- 24 September Dragon hotel will host CEEMAN conference and some of the biggest names of management education in the world will discuss how business and management education can better support the latest business challenges, like entrepreneurship, innovations and sustainability. With global entrepreneurs and business leaders also taking a stand, participant will have the chance to hear enchanting discussions. And last but not least, CEEMAN is giving you also the opportunity to visit Alibaba and other companies and even to enjoy some sightseeing!   

Therefore join us in Hangzhou!

Watch the video of Hangzhou, that was made for last year’s G20 meeting and which perfectly catches the spirit of this great city!   

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