CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) awarded to Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration
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CEEMAN is very proud to announce that Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration (hereinafter: TSEBA) from Tallinn University of Technology, has acquired International Quality Accreditation (IQA) for duration of six years and has become part of CEEMAN IQA Community.

The Tallinn University of Technology (hereinafter: TUT) was created in 1918. It combines education and research in technology, natural, exact, social and health sciences. TSEBA is one of eight faculties at TUT which was created in 1940 and it has just celebrated its 75 anniversary. TSEBA is the largest faculty (within TUT) in terms of student numbers and is the market leader in providing economics and business education in Estonia. Currently, the school has approximately 2,310 students: 59 % undergraduates, 37 % masters, and 4 % doctoral and more than 15,000 Alumni.

On the basis of the self-assessment report and site visit to TSEBA in September 2015, it was acknowledged that TSEBA has very strong research culture, high quality of teaching and learning and an admirable level of internationalisation. Regarding research excellence it has been recognized that TSEBA faculty are fully committed and dedicated to research productivity which has had a positive impact on teaching and learning process. Concerning pedagogical excellence, current students, Alumni, and employers are all positive on the quality of the education provided by TSEBA. Student evaluations of the quality of faculty classroom delivery are above 4 on a five point scale. Relating to internationalisation, TSEBA has already been able to reach a high level of internationalisation, since about 15 % of the TSEBA students come from abroad. Nearly 450 international students from 43 countries are currently studying in English language programmes at TSEBA; in addition, approximately 150 exchange students are studying under the Erasmus programme. TSEBA has also been successful in internationalising the faculty.

From left to right: Dr. Daniel Szpiro (Peer Review Team - Member), Dr. Üllas Ehrlich (Dean of TSEBA), Dr. Maciej Żukowski (Peer Review Team - Chair), Dr. Jan Sjölin (Peer Review - Member)

Testimonial of TSEBA:
TSEBA is competing for best student candidates with other universities in Estonia as well as in international education market. In order to be successful, we need, in addition to provision of competitive education and academic level, official recognition by organisations evaluating international business education, i.e. accreditations. CEEMAN, originally mainly as an organisation uniting East- and Central European business schools, is well known in Estonia as well as in the neighbouring countries and the IQA accreditation awarded by this organisation is highly valued. The IQA accreditation process gave TSEBA an opportunity to involve high-level experts in the self-evaluation process and in addition to in-depth inventory, provided valuable feedback, which is a precondition for further perfection of the organisation.
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