CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation Awarded to Riga Business School
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We are delighted to announce that the CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (CEEMAN IQA) was awarded to Riga Business School. Based on the self-assessment report and site visit, it was acknowledged RBS provides both excellent management education and relevant contribution to their business environment.

RBS is part of Riga Technical University (hereinafter: RTU, or University), which is the oldest technical university in the region. Founded in 1862, it has played a significant role in the development of human capacity in the region and RBS operates within the ambit of its current mission, i.e. “to ensure internationally competitive high quality scientific research, tertiary education, technology transfer and innovation for the Latvian national economy and society.” RTU consists of nine faculties and several research and teaching institutes, of which RBS is one. As part of the University, RBS also falls under the governance of the University and the quality of its programs, policies and procedures as well as the strategy are aligned with such governance, leadership and management and root from the general RTU mission and strategy. As a part of RTU, RBS operates according to Latvian Education Law (notably the Law on Education (1995) and amendments to that in 2000) and is in accordance with the Bologna Declaration of 1999. During the reporting period, no significant changes to the legal context were enacted and thus RBS operates under similar conditions as before. In this regard, Latvian higher education is divided into academic (Baccalaureate, Master and Doctorate) and professional (Baccalaureate and Master) programs, wherein RBS offers an academic Bachelor Degree with 120 Latvian credit points, and a professional Master Degree with 80 Latvian credit points. The RBS program mix includes two MBA programs (Professional MBA and Executive MBA), one BBA program and language acquisition courses. Programs are offered solely in English. The school is also involved in some complementary activities (e.g. assessment and training through the ELC) and community service programs (e.g. startup initiative). In addition, it is also involved in shorter courses beyond formal university degrees. It would seem that given the external environmental forces and particular demands from the Latvian education context, RBS is well-positioned to take advantage of its current position and to maintain its current leadership position. This is evidenced by some key successes over the reporting period, notably:

  • joining the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education initiative;
  • a dual degree program with BI Norwegian Business School, which can be regarded as a significant success and one that goes a long way in setting RBS apart within the Latvian Higher Education context;
  • creating a startup initiative to expand the coverage of startup related content;
  • integrating and expanding ELC offerings;
  • developing a Financial Industry Program;
  • RBS has expanded its ELC to offer not only General and Business English, but also Effective Presentation, Effective Communication and Pre-University English.

RBS was accredited by CEEMAN in 2011, has been ranked by the Eduniversal business schools ranking in 2017 as offering the 11th best full-time PMBA in Eastern Europe, 2nd best full-time MBA in the Baltics, and 3rd best EMBA in the Baltics. RBS obtained accreditation by the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia through repeated processes (most recently 2013).

Jānis Grēviņš and Claudio Rivera of Riga Business School on CEEMAN IQA:

"CEEMAN has been instrumental in the development of RBS to become a leading regional business school. Through the CEEMAN  IQA process, the RBS has had the possibility to review and improve the quality of the programs it offers and its strategic planning. Furthermore, CEEMAN has further exposed the RBS to a wealth of international experience from the leading regional institutions by providing highly knowledgable and professional experts in management and business. Being associated with CEEMAN has allowed the RBS to show its commitment to high-quality business education and become more recognizable. Finally, the events, conferences and seminars organized by CEEMAN have greatly contributed to the development and broadening the experience of the RBS'  leaders."

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