CEEMAN International Quality Re-Accreditation Awarded to Almaty Management University
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We are pleased to announce that International Quality Re-Accreditation was awarded to Almaty Management University (hereinafter: AlmaU). Based on the site visit to AlmaU in December 2016, it was recognized that AlmaU continues to hold one of the leading positions in the national market of management education.

One of the reasons for this is, its strive to build a model of entrepreneurial university which presents benchmark for all higher education institutions in Kazakhstan. Second, a very important pillar, which distinguishes AlmaU from other higher education institutions, is its aim to construct a platform of University Knowledge Management system. Besides being entrepreneurial and knowledge management driven university, AlmaU is an active promoter of social responsibility, innovative practices oriented on partnership and joint projects with the aim of preparing high quality professionals for international market.

During the site visit, the Peer Review Team was impressed by the strong entrepreneurial culture expressed by employees, students, Alumni and other stakeholders. Mission, the values of AlmaU and organizational culture are strongly connected. AlmaU has a very concrete and specific system of cascading aims and objectives. The various schools are managed in the same system and based on the same institutional principles. KPIs are prepared for every department and for every employee (professional and academic staff) which is very unique in comparison to other higher education institutions and systems. The strategy fits with the position of AlmaU in the market and the needs in the market and developments in the near future.

With regards to AlmaU’s educational activities, AlmaU has excellent and effective learning processes and a good mix of efficient and creative learning and teaching methods. AlmaU provides a very supportive study and extracurricular environment for its students, ranging from: 1) internships in Japan; 2) social life, clubs; 3) AlmaU has a rich  international network for students exchanges; 4) AlmaU provides double degree programs; 5) students are part of decision making bodies and different commissions; 6) AlmaU cares about their development and not only about study process; 7) practical work is integrative part of curricula; 8) AlmaU encourages entrepreneurial mindset; 9) AlmaU provides good combination of theory and practice; 10) great networking possibilities for students and staff; 11) the first two semesters of general education are good preparation for further studies and for shaping the entrepreneurial mentality of the students.

Considering AlmaU’s research activities, AlmaU is making a significant effort to increase the competency for publishing in peer reviewed journals. Besides participation in international conferences, AlmaU researchers obtain grants for joint projects with international partners and are also very active in applied research activities. In November 2015, “Bolashak” Association jointly with AlmaU, The National Management Holding “Baiterek” and JSC “Bank RBK” presented the first collection of business cases “Bolashak Business Cases”. AlmaU actively participated in the development of the collection of cases based on Kazakhstani companies.

Relevance is THE asset of AlmaU. The university, the faculty, the students and the Alumni are highly appreciated by external stakeholders. AlmaU is strongly connected with its external context. There are several great examples of relevance at AlmaU, such as: 1) practice-oriented curricula; 2) close cooperation with local administration, NGOs, companies; 3) internships in companies; 4) AlmaU is very responsive and receptive to new projects initiated by the environment; 5) AlmaU provides socially responsible graduates; 6) proper combination of theoretical and practical approach; 7) interdisciplinary approach in all AlmaU’s programs.

Based on these findings, CEEMAN Accreditation Committee awarded Almaty Management University the International Quality Re-Accreditation in February 2017.

From left to right: Dr. hon. Ivo Matser, ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania; Dr. Alenka Braček Lalić, CEEMAN and IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia, Dr. Assylbek Kozhakhmetov, Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan 

“For Almaty Management University (AlmaU) CEEMAN IQA Accreditation has always been an international standard to follow, and a recognition of a relevance and advancement of the university's continuous improvement, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. CEEMAN IQA Re-Accreditation to a Kazakhstani university is an unprecedented event. The Peer Review Team fosters upgrade of AlmaU processes and maintains the high quality of teaching and learning processes. AlmaU follows its mission to nurture the talents for the dynamic society in Kazakhstan by providing the best business education in the region, in line with its strategy and social responsibility. Taking this opportunity, we thank the CEEMAN IQA Accreditation Committee and Peer Review Team for the valuable feedback. AlmaU is proud to be a member of the CEEMAN family”.

Professor A. Kanagatova, Rector of Almaty Management University

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