CEEMAN International Quality Re-accreditation Awarded to International Management Institute - MIM-Kyiv
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CEEMAN is very proud to announce that International Management Institute (hereinafter: MIM-Kyiv) has acquired International Quality Re-Accreditation status for additional six years. Apart from the national accreditation, MIM-Kyiv has been maintaining external accreditation practices since 2004 when the initial CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) accreditation was awarded. MIM-Kyiv was re-accredited by CEEMAN in 2011, and in 2015 the MBA portfolio obtained AMBA initial accreditation.

According to the Eduniversal ranking system, MIM-Kyiv held 3 Palms of Excellence from 2012 to 2015. In November 2016, MIM-Kyiv was awarded 4 Palms of Excellence. MIM-Kyiv was the first business school established in Ukraine in 1989 and has remained since then a leader of business education in the country.

Concerning knowledge creation, MIM-Kyiv conducts applied research that contribute to a development of study programs, mentorships to DBA candidates and collaborate with international research teams to produce research outputs. Research at MIM-Kyiv is organized around the following disciplines: Business Administration, Management and Economics and Humanities. There are a few long-term projects conducted by MIM-Kyiv, besides World Competitiveness Yearbook – that has been carried out jointly with IMD-Lausanne since 2005 (MIM-Kyiv conducts study for Ukraine).

Regarding knowledge transfer, MIM-Kyiv offers well-balanced programs portfolio: MBA, Executive MBA (SE MBA) and seminars and trainings programs (professional development programs - PMD). MBA students are experienced and have on average 11 years of prior work experience and those in the SE MBA – over 17 years of work experience, which requires highly qualified academic staff. The programs’ common objectives are to develop socially responsible leaders able to effectively interact and communicate in cross-functional and cross-cultural international environments; to operate independently and pro-actively, as well as a part of a team; to apply business disciplines at their jobs to reach the set goals; and to exert their leadership potential. MIM-Kyiv’s degree programs are highly assessed by statutory accreditations and local and international rankings. This proves MIM-Kyiv’s commitment to continuous quality improvement also in teaching and learning. The Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies was set up at MIM-Kyiv in 2002 in partnership with Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University to contribute to the diversity of teaching and learning approaches at MIM-Kyiv.

Concerning responsible practices, MIM-Kyiv demonstrates strong relations and interactions with Alumni and society at large. The programs delivered by MIM-Kyiv have a high impact on societal development. The institution maintains wide presence in the local environment by serving the local needs in various dimensions. Another new initiative that demonstrates MIM-Kyiv’s responsible practices could be lined to the School of Mayors, an innovative educational program which is designed to prepare current mayors and candidates for mayors according to modern standards of public administration in Ukraine. MIM-Kyiv provides also support for start-ups, which is very relevant for the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Based on these findings, CEEMAN Accreditation Committee on September 11, 2017 awarded MIM-Kyiv International Quality Re-accreditation.

»СEEMAN IQA Re-accreditation of MIM-Kyiv was remarkable for setting up a crucial milestone in advancement of MIM-Kyiv's ambition to be a premier business school in the region. Due to IQA accreditation we embarked on the exciting and challenging journey of continuous institutional improvement and program quality enhancement under globally relevant standards for management education.  The faculty and administration appreciate the value added by IQA accreditation procedure to the school’s educational excellence and dedicated engagements servicing the society's and business' communities. The findings and recommendations provided by CEEMAN Peer Review Team have always helped identifying innovative solutions in order to support our aspirations to become internationally recognized for meaningful corporate citizenship.«

Professor Irina Tykhomyrova, the President of MIM-Kyiv

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