CEEMAN IQA opens a new chapter in cooperation with Latin America
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After six years of fruitful collaboration with EQUAA, we are delighted to announce that in November 2019, CEEMAN and EQUAA jointly reached an important milestone. The first EQUAA-CEEMAN IQA Double Accreditation has been awarded to IMISP - International Management Institute of St-Petersburg!

With this achievement, IMISP is for the second time a pioneer in taking the advantage of numerous benefits provided by the CEEMAN accreditation services. IMISP was namely also the first CEEMAN member that acquired CEEMAN IQA accreditation in 1999.

On 21 November 2014, Prof. Danica Purg, CEEMAN President, signed a cooperation agreement between CEEMAN and at that time newly established EQUAA – Education Quality Accreditation Agency for Latin America, headquartered in Lima, Peru and represented by its Executive Director Eric Talavera Campbell. Since then, both organizations had been committed to the joint experience and mutual learning in their efforts for better quality of management education in dynamic societies, they decided to join their forces and start considering the possibilities of offering EQUAA-CEEMAN IQA Double Accreditation.

Prof. Purg is a member of the EQUAA International Advisory Board presided by Prof. Antonio Freitas, provost of FGV, one of the leading universities in Brazil. The EQUAA initiative got the support also of Peruvian Minister of Education, who was also present at the Forum in Lima, and will seek cooperation with governments of other Latin American countries. 

The first accreditation certificate of the first double accreditation process between EQUAA and CEEMAN will be awarded to IMISP during the International Accreditation Ceremony to be held in Sao Paulo in November 2019.

“EQUAA´s main interest and focus is Latin America, and as such, all institutions seeking the EQUAA accreditation or membership are either in Latin America or outside the region but maintain an interest in establishing links and forming partnerships with Latin American institutions. We are happy to have finished the first double accreditation with IQA this past year. IMISP (International Management Institute of Saint Petersburg) finalized the process and we are proud and honored to have an institution committed with continuous improvement and seeking to establish connections with Latin America. Congratulations to IMISP on this process and our warmest regards to the IMISP team and to CEEMAN for the efforts undergone to fulfill these steps,” says Eric Talavera Campbell, EQUAA Executive Director.

The EQUAA-CEEMAN IQA Double Accreditation is available for all EQUAA members and CEEMAN members who wish to obtain a double EQUAA-IQA accreditation and to put themselves on the map of higher education institutions which are devoted to international collaboration on one side and local relevance on the other.

For more information about the process, please contact Dr. Alenka Braček Lalić ( or Ms. Sladjana Milašinović (

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