CEEMAN is saddened to announce the passing away of Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann.
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The respected Professor and public intellectual has passed away.

CEEMAN had a great privilege to cooperate with Prof. Jean- Pierre Lehmann, well-known as an expert in globalization, global governance, trade and development, the role of business in reduction of poverty and inequality and the socio-economic, cultural, and business dynamics of Asia.

Prof. Lehmann was a speaker at many CEEMAN conferences. 

Prof. Lehman was also the first international Professor, next to prof. Helmut Schütte to teach at IEDC – Bled School of Management.  He joined IEDC as a Faculty member already in 1986.

He was a Professor of International Political Economy in the MBA classes. On the occasion of celebration of 20th anniversary of IEDC, Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann was awarded with a special academic recognition, Honorary Professor, for his contribution to the development of the School.

Jean-Pierre Lehmann has been Professor of International Political Economy at IMD since 1995.

In 1994 he launched the Evian Group, which consists of high ranking officials, business executives, independent experts and opinion leaders from Europe, Asia and the Americas. The Evian Group's focus is on the international economic order in the global era, specifically the reciprocal impact and influence of international business and the WTO agenda.

He held roles in a number of public policy institutes and organizations. He was an adviser to governments and corporations, and a frequent commentator in the international media. He authored numerous books and articles primarily dealing with globalization, Asia and the international political economy.

He spent much of his life working and travelling around the world, returning most often to Asia, where he taught, carried out research and appeared in public forums.

Jean-Pierre was active intellectually right up until the end of his life, continuing his reflections and writings and providing expertise to the international press.


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