CEEMAN President, Prof. Danica Purg, speaks at Zhejiang University and Nanjing University
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Prof. Danica Purg visits China and participates at the high-level “Belt and Road” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit at Zhejiang University School of Management and at the School of Business, Nanjing University.

Prof. Purg, a member of the International Advisory Board of Zhejiang University School of Management, was invited to give a speech at the high-level “Belt and Road” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit, organized on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Zhejiang University and 80th anniversary of PolyU, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and 20th anniversary of Zhejiang University-PolyU Joint Center, which took place on Saturday, April 22. 

She spoke at the plenary session titled “Belt and Road Initiative – Education Collaboration Opportunities” where she focused on the collaboration between China and CEE. The conference was attended by 300 prominent guests.  Among the speakers was also Sir James Alexander Mirrlees, the winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Prof. Purg had a speech at the School of Business, Nanjing University upon the invitation of the Dean, Prof. Kunrong Shen, where she had a lecture on “Hidden Champions in CEE” for their alumni, Executive MBA participants, faculty members and business community.

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