CEEMAN schools have more international MBA students, shows BSQ
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Following collaboration between CEEMAN and AACSB for the Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) with the aim to enhance understanding of business education in the regions where CEEMAN members are concentrated, the reports with findings were shared with participating schools in February.

Twenty-seven CEEMAN schools that participated in the 2018 BSQ, have received an exclusive report with findings pertinent to CEEMAN’s membership, as well as selected other regional reports where at least six CEEMAN members were represented. CEEMAN members who are also AACSB members were eligible for CEEMAN member benefits in addition to the related AACSB member reporting tools.

Some of the findings include:

  • 11 out of 27 participating (40.74%) CEEMAN schools’ operating budgets fall into the range 25,000,000-50,000,000 USD, while in Asia-Pacific region and in North America the percentage is 18.63 (19 out of 102) and 14.31 (77 out of 538) respectively. Only five out of participating CEEMAN member schools (19%) have budgets higher than 50,000,000 USD, while about 30% have budgets smaller than 10,000,000 USD. 
  • 37.04 percent of participating CEEMAN schools place highest emphasis on both teaching and intellectual contributions, followed by service. In Asia-Pacific the most reported selection is similar: 47.06% of schools reported this emphasis (48 participating schools of 102), in North-America te most reported category is the one where the highest emphasis is on teaching, medium – on intellectual contributions and low – on service (39.96% of schools).
  • 19 out of 27 participating CEEMAN schools have no endowment.
  • On average, 80% of full-time faculty members in CEEMAN schools have doctoral degrees (in comparison with 87% out of 102 participating institutions from Asia-Pacific region, and 85% of 538 participating schools from North America).
  • On average, 53.69% of MBA enrollment from CEEMAN schools are internationally mobile students (in North America - 12.86% and in Asia-Pacific - 9.46%).

The 2019 round of BSQ is being prepared and we would be glad to see even more CEEMAN member institutions join this collective effort. Participating in this abbreviated version of the BSQ adds your school to the world’s largest database of comprehensive information about business schools around the globe. This data set supports development of greater insights into the rapidly changing and highly diverse global business education landscape. In particular, our two organizations’ combined efforts aim to enhance understanding of business education in the regions where CEEMAN members are concentrated.

Executive summary of the global Business Schools Report is available on AACSB website:

For more information on how to join the survey, to be launched in March 2019, please contact CEEMAN Project Manager Slađana Milašinović,, tel +386 457 92 535.

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