Congratulations to PUEB on IQA re-accreditation!
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We are happy to announce Poznań University of Economics and Business has been awarded CEEMAN IQA Re-Accreditation status for another six years. Poznań University of Economics and Business is one of the best, oldest and most prestigious economic universities in Poland, widely renowned for its academic excellence. It occupies top positions in the national rankings (in 2019 it was placed 1st in the national ranking of business schools).

Maciej Żukowski, Rector of Poznań University of Economics and Business:
“CEEMAN accreditation is a key element of PUEB internationalization strategy. The accreditation process allowed us to verify the way we teach and conduct research and it also helped us in setting strategic goals. CEEMAN accreditation provides acknowledgement of PUEB high standards in management education on a global scale. We hope that having been awarded the re-accreditation we will be able to expand internationally and present new opportunities for our students and staff.”

The school’s reputation is built on high educational standards consistent with the world’s teaching methods in managerial education and the latest ideas of economics and business trends. The University’s strengths are its educational base, international relationships and cooperation with the business world. The teaching staff consists of highly-qualified educators as well as widely recognized, eminent scientists and business practitioners. The University’s curricula meet the requirements of the global labour market and the EU’s educational standards. Students receive credits in accordance with the ECTS standard, which enables them to undertake international study programmes. The curricula is also deeply practice oriented. The students not only obtain a thorough university education – they also develop practical skills expected of professional managers. The school is unique in Poland to offer blocks of subjects taught by highly-qualified specialists from the world of business, by bosses and managers of leading corporations and by professors from foreign universities. Thanks to the wider educational context, PUEB students have a comprehensive view of economics and are able to function fully in business. The University has been awarded the certificates and accreditations confirming that its teaching and research standards comply with the highest academic requirements. The school attaches great importance to the quality of education and it consistently applies modern teaching methods in class. The school also has an undisputed position as a leader in economic research as well as a major centre for applied research, expert evaluation, analysis and consultancy. Broad relationships with business practice are possible thanks to the Partner Club. Its members – Polish and international firms as well as reputed business organisations – help the University to adjust its courses to the needs of the business environment and support the school in carrying out its educational mission: they provide specialist materials for use in class hold lectures and training courses as well as comprehensive programme of traineeships and placements.

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