Cyprus International Institute of Management - New CEEMAN Member
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The Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) is an unconventional business school with its own unique business and educational models. To understand the school and its programs, one must consider its origins, and the values and beliefs upon which it was founded.

Since all business is ultimately global, a business school, especially a small one in a small country, should make available to its students world-class management education, at an affordable price. This is why CIIM relies heavily on non-resident international faculty from leading business schools with diverse origins and backgrounds. For this reason, we have an intensive modular structure of sequential two-week course modules, which, in turn, has mandated a diverse and imaginative pedagogy.

The founders’ desire for both affordability and independence from state bureaucracy and special interests has defined our non-profit status and our resource constraints in a society with no tradition in educational philanthropy. As CIIM is a non-profit charitable institution, financed with revenues from the services that it offers, it must daily meet the the requirements of the market test.

The institute was founded in 1990 by a group of visionary business leaders and international deans and academics from leading business schools, such as London Business School, Manchester Business School, and Bocconi, as an independent, private, non-profit educational institution dedicated to postgraduate management education and research. The move to establish the institute was initiated by the Cyprus Development Bank, an organization partly owned, up until recently, by the Cyprus government.

Since its early days, CIIM has been supported by the Cyprus business community and prominent members of the international academic community, who saw the need for an eclectic, international management school that would bring to Cyprus and the region the highest level of postgraduate management education that the world has to offer – an international school that would satisfy the best European and North American standards.

CIIM is a highly specialized school, concentrating exclusively on advanced studies in management and leadership. It currently offers seven degree program: a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master in Public Sector Management (MPSM) – both introduced in 1990 when the School was founded – as well as five specialized Master of Science programs in Business Management, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Educational Leadership and Management (in Greek), and Financial Services. CIIM is also currently offering a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, the BBA. The Institute also offers executive training programs in Leadership and Executive Development in addition to other non-degree programs. Based on its quality in executive training CIIM, was successful and participates in the consortium to which the Cyprus Government awarded a contract for the training of public servants on issues of leadership and strategic management in the public sector.

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