EdTech, a four day seminar on digital technologies starts in Bled
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We are delighted to start EdTech - CEEMAN’s new program dedicated to digital technologies in management education. From today until Thursday December 7 CEEMAN will run an intensive and highly interactive program, during which distinguished professors and renowned experts will present trends of digital technologies in management education and the big picture of a digitalized world.

As program manager Rok Ramšak says digitalization in education is not just about shifting from pencil to screen, but it is also about allowing students to truly enhance their learning and enabling management development institutions to deliver impactful learning experience in a more accessible and personalized way.

At the beginning of the seminar the academic director Nikos Mylonopoulos emphasized that it seems science fiction and artists have been predicting the world of robots long before it happened.

During these 4 days participants from 12 countries will have a chance to learn how to integrate knowledge, management and digital technologies and what are the potential dangers of digitalization.  


The program will include overview of


  • Global environment, trends and challenges that technology brings to educators
  • Digital teaching and learning: the double disruption in business education
  • Online and blended learning formats: content, development, and delivery
  • Matching technologies and tools to different teaching objectives and target groups
  • Classroom management, student engagement and assessment
  • Game-based learning
  • School infrastructure issues
  • Latest technology trends and future technologies
  • Implications of technology for responsible management education



During EdTech participants will also have a chance to share their own best practices, success or failure stories, and relevant insights to facilitate peer learning and exchange.


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