First IQA awarded to Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdansk University of Technology
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We are proud to announce that the CEEMAN IQA Accreditation Committee just awarded CEEMAN IQA Accreditation status to the Faculty of Management and Economics (FME) of Gdańsk University of Technology. During the 25 years of FM&E's existence, it has been developing very dynamically. The number of students has increased from several hundred to almost three thousand, whereas the number of employees has doubled. For a long time, FM&E has been a leader on the Pomeranian post-graduate studies market (almost 30 editions per year), attracting several hundred of students.

Julita Wasilczuk, prof. nadzw. PG, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the Gdansk University of Technology:

»CEEMAN IQA is the first international institutional accreditation obtained by the Faculty of Management and Economics (FME) of Gdańsk University of Technology. Therefore, it is for us a very important step, because it confirms that our previous organisational efforts in developing international education, enhancing impactful scientific research and other internationalization activities, were not wasted, and even more, are promising for the future. The aim of the accreditation is not just to receive a final label- the process of assessment is a real moment of reflection, exchange of ideas with our colleagues and with the international accreditation team members. Thanks to these discussions and to the remarks of the evaluators, expressed also in the final report, we could fully understand our strengths and weaknesses to better tackle future challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Today, we feel much stronger and ready to progress within this self-improvement loop.«

Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) -  Modern Research and Development Centre. It is one of the oldest in Poland, an autonomous state university which covers 9 faculties. GUT offers Bachelor’s, Master’s., prestigious MBA Programme and Doctoral studies conducted in both full time and part time systems in various areas of science hold entirely in English or Polish languages.

Great emphasis is placed on maintaining high education quality standards – the University belongs to many international associations: CESAER, BSRUN, EUA, CDIO as well as participates in numerous international programmes, including Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, EEA and Norway Grants, CEEPUS. GUT has signed almost 600 international agreements with universities and other organizations.

It’s graduates can easily find work upon completing their studies. They often successfully start up and run their own businesses. Notably, a national surveys shows that the earnings of GUT graduates are third highest in Poland among graduates of Polish universities.

Last rankings:

  • 1st place in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranking of the most popular universities
  • 2nd place in the National Compensation Survey for technical university graduates
  • top 12 Polish universities in the international ranking of the best universities in the world - the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Faculty of Management and Economics (FM&E)

The mission of the Faculty of Management and Economics is: to provide education the highest level, based on scientific research and prepare graduates for a dynamically changing labour market.

The Faculty was established in 1993 due to the merger of the Department of Organization and Design of Production Systems of the Faculty of Machine Technology and Production Organization with the inter-faculty Institute of Economics and Humanities. In this way, the skills and experience of academic teachers with modern engineering, economic, humanistic and managerial knowledge were combined.

As one of the few Polish universities, they are a member of the prestigious European Foundation for Management Development, which unites the best business schools and management departments. The Faculty also belongs to the group of higher schools/faculties, which received the status of "Department fighting plagiarism", and the procedures in force in this regard have already been recognized several times as referential.

Their current competitive position on the educational market is formed by: an engineering diploma at the first cycle of "management engineering”, English-language study programs, attractive offer of post-graduate and MBA studies, as well as a significant number of students from several European, Asian and African countries. The quality of education has been confirmed by the Polish Accreditation Commission's assessments: the distinction awarded in 2016 to the management direction (Polish and English-language studies) and the positive assessment of other evaluated courses.

In 2017, the parametrization of scientific achievements in the years 2013-2016 allowed them to obtain A category, and the high evaluation of their publication activity resulted in the fact that their faculty was considered, as one of four in Poland, to be a candidate for A+ category. A particular success in the field of scientific achievements was a marked increase in the number of publications in the JCR journal and the publication of several monographs in prestigious publishing houses having a global reach.

In 2019, FM&E has been awarded by the AMBA for 5-year period, two master programs – International Management and Master of Business Administration (re-accredited after 3 years of the first award). During the same year the Faculty has successfully undergone the CEEMAN IQA accreditation.

Short-term / long-term objectives

Their development strategy for 2012-2020 is in line in with the strategy of the Gdańsk University of Technology, while the tradition and prestige of the University is also their asset. In the strategy, they focus on cooperation with other faculties of the University, as well as other academic centres, both domestic and foreign.

In the area of education, thier main goal is to make the program offer more attractive, to gradually expand the offer of English-language studies and to increase the number of foreign students, as well as foreign scholars, whom they intend to employ as visiting professors. The ultimate goal is to maintain high quality of the education.

In the area of research, they intend to increase the number of scientific publications that appear abroad, and also to support people who actively raise funds for research and achieving further academic degrees.

An important area is also the development of cooperation with the local government and business environment, in order to involve stakeholders in designing changes, as well as expanding and enhancing the offer of apprenticeships for our students. For this purpose, the Consultative Council has recently been established.

The above-mentioned activities are mainly related to the promotion and improvement of quality, however, they also create the conditions for building an innovative economy. The above areas (education, research and cooperation) will also contribute to the development of the Faculty and the entire University.

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