GFKM awarded CEEMAN IQA re-accreditation
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CEEMAN is proud to announce that GFKM - Gdansk Foundation for Management Development has been awarded CEEMAN IQA re-accreditation for the period of additional six years. GFKM is a foundation and is one of the most experienced and biggest management education organisations. With 55.000 course participants since 1990, 3.000 EMBA alumni, over 100 full-time and associate faculty, 100 corporate clients annually, GFKM is considered as one of the ExEd leaders in Poland, by both the business and academic communities.

Andrzej Popadiuk, President of Gdansk Foundation for Management Development:
“GFKM is very proud to be awarded CEEMAN IQA re-accreditation. GFKM is an executive business school, thus our program portfolio, methodology and faculty need to keep pace with and often anticipate business development needs. Next year GFKM will celebrate its 30th anniversary. We are proud of its achievements and even more committed to its future. CEEMAN IQA will certainly help us peruse excellence in all aspects of GFKM endeavour. We are truly happy to be a member of the CEEMAN community which represents premium quality standards and new horizons in management education.”

Gdansk Foundation for Management Development (GFKM) is a training and consultancy firm specialising in providing training, support and development projects for managerial staff and employees of large and middle-sized domestic as well as foreign companies. They are one of the largest and most experienced training institutions in Poland. They offer a full range of programs including Executive MBA, in-company training, open training, post-graduate studies, coaching programs and advisory projects, which ensure their clients an exceptional synergy of originality and practical value.

GFKM employs state-of-the-art and practical solutions. However, they do not use particular methods simply for the sake of using them. What counts is the achievement of optimum results for the objective set. The tools in use on the Executive MBA course, during the development and advisory programs or training sessions, are carefully selected so as to enable participants to make the most of the classes.

The following are among the tools they employ:

  • Activity Based Learning
  • SDI – Strength Development Inventory
  • Insights Discovery®

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