IAB has obtained the UNIVERSITY status!
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We are pleased to announce that International Academy of Business has been awarded the UNIVERSITY status, and introduces its new name - Almaty Management University (ALMU), or in short - Al'Ma University!

We would like to ask you to spend a few minutes to look through the historic milestones.
The history of IAB started with Almaty School of Managers long ago in 1988. It all started with a School that pioneered in the young country in training managers of a new generation.
In 1996 the Almaty School of Managers was transformed into International Academy of Business. IAB has turned out to be successful, furthermore, it has become the most advanced business school in the Kazakhstani education. The new brand name brought new outlook, vision and new opportunities for further growth.

Now in 2014, the new name change to ALMU represents great progress that we have made in the last few years in moving towards our goals, to name, the IQA by CEEMAN, the AMBA accreditation, the 4 Eduniversal Palmes, the membership in the outstanding international educational associations of the Americas (AACSB), the Europe (EFMD) and Asia (AAPBS) and etc.

Today we have opened a new page in the life of our university: the new goals set by our long-term strategy, the inspiration of becoming entrepreneurial university, a leader within the Eurasian Economic Union among universities.
Our goal is to create the following schools in 2014-2015: School of Public Policy (BSc, MA, PhD); Business School (MBA, DBA); School of Accounting, Finance and Management (BSc, MA, PhD);  Law School (LLB, LLM, JD); School of Humanities and Social Sciences (BSc, MA, PhD); School of Education (MA, PhD). The second level of development in 2015-2019: School of Computer Sciences and Electrical technology (BSc, MS, PhD) and School of Art and Media Management (BSc, MA, PhD).

Stepping onto the new level of development, the University is considered as entrepreneurial, socially responsible and innovative, possessing international recognition with exclusive business reputation and providing high level education to graduates in the area of their specialization not only within the country, but beyond it as well.

We hereby officially present the new status and name of IAB – Almaty Management University!
The short name of Almaty Management University is Al’Ma University or ALMU.

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