IEDC Presidents' Forum: Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Leadership
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More than 120 leaders from 20 countries attended IEDC’s International Annual Presidents’ Forum with Dr. Daniel Susskind from the University of Oxford. The impact of technology on business, and leadership in particular, was explored by leadership experts Prof. Pierre Casse and Prof. Paul Claudel, while an extra dimension to the debate was brought by Mr. Frank Barz of T-Systems International, Deutsche Telekom and Mr. Nicholas Zhang of Huawei.

The speakers at the Forum presented the current trends and challenges that companies and their leaders are facing because of the development of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence already communicates with people and this  communication will be even more sophisticated in the future. If companies want to survive, they will have to adapt to technological developments and introduce appropriate improvements. The participants of the Forum found that the biggest change that is needed is in our way of thinking: people need to focus on the problems that we are trying to solve. In doing so, artificial intelligence can help us. It does not solve the moral question of whether we need to automate everything.

This year's forum was very interactive. It created a good opportunity for people to compare their views and visions on the further development of artificial intelligence and the need to involve governments in supporting this development.

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