Launch of CEEMAN “Know-How” Webinars
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We are glad to announce the launch of CEEMAN webinars on topics of interest for management educators. Starting with the first webinar by Nikos Mylonopoulos “Rapid Transition to Online Teaching” on 31 March, and by a director-cinematographer Dražen Štader on “Smartphone Videography” on 6 April, we invite more CEEMAN members to share their valuable experience on specific topics of interest that might help others with the know-how to address a challenge, solve a problem or do their job more effectively.

CEEMAN members have expressed a strong interest in learning not just about the description of a specific challenge or goal, but “how to” implement a solution, or “how to” start and continue the change process toward reaching that goal. Therefore the purpose of the webinar series is to go beyond the theory or description of a specific challenge that is shared by member institutions and to provide practical advice for addressing it, in a structured way and to have a library of hot “how to” topics with access for CEEMAN members.

View recordings of the past webinars:

Let us know what other topics are of interest AND what experience you would like to share with others by completing this short online form. Now, more than ever, is the time to share ideas, experience and learn from one another!

Suggested format: 45-minute Zoom webinar

Structure: Two-minute introduction and ground rules by CEEMAN staff; 35-minute presentation by presenter, 15 minutes for questions and answers from participants.

Suggested issues to cover:

  1. What was the specific challenge that we faced?
  2. How is this a challenge that might be faced by other CEEMAN member institutions?
  3. In facing this challenge, what was our ultimate goal(s)?
  4. What were the specific steps that we followed to address this challenge?
  5. What were the specific obstacles that we faced in addressing this challenge? How did we navigate these obstacles?
  6. What was the timeframe involved? Did addressing this challenge take longer or shorter than we thought?
  7. Who were the people involved in addressing the challenge?
  8. Were we able to meet our goal(s)? Did we change or modify them along the way?
  9. What did we do well? What would we do differently? Lessons learned?
  10. What is our best advice for other CEEMAN members facing this or a similar challenge?

For further information, please contact our Project Manager Slađana Milašinović (

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