Manifesto Expanding Global Outreach with Spanish and Portugese Translations
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We are proudly announcing Spanish and Portugese translations of CEEMAN Manifesto in Short. Combining relevance and excellence as the way forward in management education and striving for better balance between teaching and research, the Manifesto is an advocate for holistic and responsible approach to management education.

Over the past years, CEEMAN's Board has repeatedly discussed the role that CEEMAN could play in engineering a badly-needed course correction in management education and research. With some 200 members representing institutions in CEE, Russia, Central Asia, China, Africa, and Latin America, as well as participation from the more established economies of Western Europe and the US, CEEMAN is uniquely placed to play such a role. The centre of gravity of innovation in products and services as diverse as high-speed rail transport, container lifting cranes, hotels, and internet shopping platforms has already shifted from West to East, and there are strong reasons to believe that management development may be next in line. Management development institutions from the established economies of the world appear to be drifting ever-further away from practice, and there is a vacuum waiting to be filled!

CEEMAN Manifesto calls for a more balanced and holistic approach in management teaching and research, putting RELEVANCE&EXCELLENCE in focus. Let us know your thoughts about it and join the movement!

Feel free to share the Spanish and Portugese translations with relevant stakeholders:

Spanish CEEMAN Manifesto in Short

Portugese CEEMAN Manifesto in Short

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