New CEEMAN IQA Accreditation Framework
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Following social and economic changes that have created new managerial and leadership challenges and development needs, CEEMAN Board on 18 March 2016, accepted a CEEMAN IQA Accreditation Framework which provides a new twist on accreditation of management education in recently emerged and emerging economies around the world.

The new framework promotes EXCELLENT and RELEVANT management education which is highly required and demanded by students, participants, employers, business and social environments.

CEEMAN Board meeting in Vienna, 18 March 2016

CEEMAN through its accreditation procedure fosters its members to aspire to INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED QUALITY STANDARDS and to creating and delivering management education that is RESPONSIVE and RELEVANT TO THE NEEDS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE ENVIRONMENTS.

CEEMAN IQA Accreditation Framework

With this direction, CEEMAN IQA has become an agent of change which promotes excellent and relevant management education and creates a unique international community of management education institutions which strive towards continuous progress, innovation and responsible practices.

We invite you to learn more about CEEMAN IQA standards, principles, benefits, procedure and advisory services from the new CEEMAN IQA Brochure or by contacting the CEEMAN IQA Director, Assistant Professor Alenka Braček Lalić at: or +386 4 57 92 570. 

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