Program Management Seminar started in Bled
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Bled, 19 April 2018 – CEEMAN News. Described by the Financial Times as the program for "the infantry that wins the war", the CEEMAN Program Management Seminar started yesterday morning in Bled.

This three-day course began with setting a cordial atmosphere by Prof. Danica Purg, who welcomed all the 30 participants - a diverse group of knowledge workers from 13 countries.


After a dynamic and lighthearted round of introductions, the new addition to the Program Management Seminar faculty, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Business and Law at Coventry University, Kai Peters, spoke about creating an impactful learning environment and the neuroscience of learning.

The day continued with such topics as trends and landscape of management education as well as building international reputation through marketing and communications, with Prof. Nenad Filipović (IEDC) and Mr. Andrew Crisp (CarringtonCrisp) joining the participants.

Slovene evening and dinner ended the day’s program.

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