The 6th PRME CEE Chapter Meeting takes place in Budapest
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The 6th PRME CEE Chapter regional meeting took place at Corvinus University in Budapest from 30 - 31 of May and gathered participants from Croatian, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.

Starting with the welcome address by the Dean of Corvinus University, Dr. Zita Zoltay Paprika, the participants continued with short descriptions of their institutions and activities related to the PRME initiative. The focus then quickly moved on to specific discussions and interesting participatory workshops where synergies for education, research and outreach were discussed and developed.

After several most promising projects were identified, participants then continued with translation of these synergies to a concrete action plan for the PRME CEE chapter and its members. Projects like collection of best practice examples, SDG hackathon and several others were discussed.

The first day was concluded by a guided tour of the Corvinus University, exploring its modern and historic buildings and learning about their stories.

On the second day, representatives of Corvinus University presented their Corvinus Science Shop initiative that strives for community engaged research & learning process. The students, together with their mentors work on project courses where they are directly trying to solve various issues that Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and social enterprises are facing.

To familiarize with the projects further, participants went on a walking tour where they visited several CSOs and social enterprises that were involved in the Corvinus Science Shop initiative.

Several discussions on how to involve other schools in the initiatives and its activities were also discussed at the meeting. Partners will make sure to invite local schools to the PRME CEE chapter meetings while CEEMAN will continue to support the partnership by informing its member institutions about the PMRE CEE chapter and its activities.

All business schools are invited to follow the Chapter closely and attend events where they can get in direct contact with the member schools. The 27th CEEMAN Annual Conference taking place at the end of September in Prague and the AOM Specialized Conference on Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies hosted by IEDC and CEEMAN end of October in Bled offer a great opportunity.

The Next meeting is planned to be in Warsaw in 2020 at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

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