UNYP brings three new American degrees to Prague
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Just in time for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, the University of New York in Prague is set to open up three new American bachelor’s degree programs in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College. Beginning from next year, UNYP students will be able to embark upon undergraduate studies in Child Development, Political Science, and Digital Media Arts.

Why study Digital Media Arts at UNYP?

“This program is designed for people who are interested in gaining a solid foundation in the theory and technical skills required for professional careers in digital media. It focuses on teaching critical thinking in the area of digital media to help students become creative problem-solvers and innovators. The program’s interdisciplinary approach should provide students with a competent and thorough international view of communication and media problems, and develop a profound understanding of how media impacts society and shapes contemporary culture.” – Dr. Todd Nesbitt, Dean of the School of Communication and Media, University of New York in Prague

Why study Political Science at UNYP?

“We are living in a world of fast-changing local, regional, global, and continental ecosystems. The expansion of democracy, the fight for the survival of authoritarian leaders and governments, the emergence of religious fundamentalism, the proliferation of populist movements, the strengthening of international collaboration and integration, the victory of global capitalism – all of these things contribute to a growing need for experts who understand these trends. This program analyzes the dynamic world in which we live and provides students with the tools and skills required to understand our societies. The purpose of the curriculum is to train learners to objectively understand the dynamics of the politics and societies of the XXI Century.” – Oscar Hidalgo, Dean of the School of International Relations, University of New York in Prague

Why study Child Development at UNYP?

“This program is intended for students who want to study the development of children (from infancy to adolescence) and the familial, cultural, peer, school, and neighborhood contexts in which they live. The program is designed to provide a strong background in development-related social and behavioral sciences. The curriculum will allow students to apply theory and prior research in child development to current research design. Graduates of this program will develop an understanding of critical theoretical foundations within the discipline across all areas, and will be able to connect literacy in child development with scientific investigation for future independent research.” – Dr. Edel Sanders, Dean of the School of Psychology, University of New York in Prague

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