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Nowadays smartphones offer a great alternative to traditional cameras. They are light, mobile and allow you to create content from your home, office or any location in the world. The online course Smartphone Video for Content Creators will empower you with the skills of mobile video and photography and inspire you to tell your story, teach a skill and deliver your message. We will make sure you have fun on your journey of content creation.

Smartphone Video for Content Creators is designed with a modern smart phone content creator in mind. It will help you create engaging and consistent content without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras, lenses or professional crew. All the knowledge that you will acquire will help you create more engagement, grow your community and connect with your present and future clients in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Who is the mentor?

CEEMAN has partnered with Drazen Stader ( He is an award-winning commercial director-cinematographer based in Slovenia and the CEO of a successful video agency Studio Production House ( He has over 20 years of experience in crafting high quality video content for TV, film and web for a network of worldwide clients. With this mini course, he wants to introduce you to the skills and techniques needed to prepare, shoot and edit educational online videos for your audience.

What is the format of the course?

There are 5 main modules in the course (excluding the bonuses). Each module contains between 40 and 60 minutes of video lessons you can watch at any time that is most convenient for you. Most lessons are between 5 and 7 minutes long, they are all available online and super easy to digest. You will be also granted access to a private Facebook group where we will be supporting you with the help of live Q&A sessions. Module 6 includes a special and one-time-only bonus offer in form of two mini courses and 5 weekly Q&A coaching sessions.

What will you learn?

The lessons are designed without any fluff or endless theory. We come from a place of action and practice and we want you to follow me on this path.

Module 1: How to set your smartphone for success. Basic shooting techniques.

Module 2: Research, scripting and planning.

Module 3: Confronting the camera in a natural, confident and professional way.

Module 4: The tech side, shooting, lighting and sound. How to make images look and sound good in different situations.

Module 5: Editing. How to edit and export the final videos.

Module 6 (Bonus):

-          Bonus #1: "Smartphone video for live streaming" - mini course 

-          Bonus #2: "Smartphone vlogging" - mini course

-          Bonus #3: 5 weekly live Q&A coaching sessions


Starting on: 26 April 2020

Location: online

Participation fee: 167 USD

Participant’s level: beginner

It's time we transform our smartphones into powerful storytelling tools and start making the magic happen. See you on 26 April in the Smartphone Video for Content Creators online course and coaching sessions!

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