2021 CEEMAN Poster Session Proceedings
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It is a pleasure to share with you proceedings of the 2021 poster session within the 29th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Trieste, Italy. Taking place for the first time in hybrid format – with some of the authors being with us in person in Trieste and others joining online from different corners of the world – it was a truly fascinating and inclusive experience.

We are grateful to the poster session leaders Zoltan Buzady (who was also the initiator of the idea back in 2015) and Claudio Rivera for making the poster session such a valuable addition to the CEEMAN Annual Conference, and to all the authors for making the effort to present their latest work in teaching and research, best practices, and ideas. In addition to write-ups presented on the pages that follow, the posters themselves can be viewed by scanning the QR-code next to each title.

We hope that you will enjoy reading these proceedings, as well as those of the 29th CEEMAN Annual Conference itself, and both will inspire further thinking and sharing your own valuable experience in our future events.

Management education is indeed at the crossroads, and we look forward to exploring the paths that lie ahead together with you.

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