25th CEEMAN Annual Conference Proceedings
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25th CEEMAN Annual Conference took place from 20-22 September 2017 in Hangzhou, China. The event, focusing on the topic of "Rethinking Entrepreneurship – Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economies", was hosted and co-organized by School of Management, Zhejiang University.

The conference was attended by over 130 participants from 32 countries around the world. It consisted of numerous events, including the insightful panels on the topic of “Entrepreneurship” and visits of three extremely successful companies that represent Chinese economic growth and entrepreneurial revival; Alibaba, Geely or Wensly. The event also marked the beginning of our 25th annual celebrations that started in Hangzhou and will finish in Prague next year at the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference.

We are happy to share the great contributions of the speakers and summaries of the Poster session presentations in the form of conference proceedings.

Proceedings of the 25th CEEMAN Annual Conference