28th CEEMAN Annual Conference Proceedings
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The 28th CEEMAN Annual conference took place on 23-25 September 2020 in an online format. The big CEEMAN family gathered in order to search for Ideas and Inspiration for Management Development from Fields Beyond Management, the topic of this year's event. The conference took place on an award-winning MiTeam virtual collaboration and learning platform and over the course of three days hosted more than 150 participants from 36 countries around the world.

We were honored to have four brilliant keynote speakers:

Dominique Turcq, one of the most renowned experts in AI, neuroscience and biology, talked about how biology is driving major changes in business models, product development, people management, as well as CSR and ethics models – issues that each CEO and manager has to understand and manage.

Jan Hagen, Associate Professor at ESMT, Germany brought lessons from error management in the airplane industry. High-reliability organizations like nuclear power plants, hospitals or airlines are domains, which are not immediately associated with innovation and open leadership culture - but the principles they apply can provide inspiration for management in unexpected ways.

Haris Pašović, an award-winning film and theater director from Bosnia and Herzegovina, demonstrated how art can be an inspirational source for leaders to operate with great vision, finest concepts, imagination, and sharpening their perceptions and intuition. These skills are becoming more important than ever in our age of globalization, big data, AI, and increasing uncertainty and complexity.

Miha Pogačnik took us on a journey of explaining crucial aspects of leadership and management through a Bach masterpiece, showing how music and art could help heal corporate souls through active listening, authentic interest, and empathy.

We are happy to share our speaker’s insightful contributions, words from moderators, as well as the summaries of Extraordinary Stories and Inspiration from CEEMAN Members, while you can find proceedings from the annual Poster session here