A Contemporary approach to organizational theory development – new publication from Vistula University
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Faculty of Business and International relations of Vistula University has published a new book on Self- Management, Entrepreneurial Culture, and Economy 4.0 - A Contemporary approach to organizational theory development.

The book, edited by Agnieszka Rzepka, Zbigniew Olesiński, and Elżbieta Jędrych, offers practical insight into the changing ways in which organizations operate today. Building on a groundbreaking concept of teal organizations, the book illustrates the practicality of advocating a lack of hierarchy of predetermined positions and the introduction of roles that come with clear responsibilities constantly defined according to current needs. First described by Frederic Laloux, a teal organization is a ground-breaking approach to managing organizations that is being adopted around the world, which turns everyone into a leader. This new paradigm rests on the ideas of wholeness, evolutionary purpose, employee autonomy, and self-management based on peer relationships. Its main assumption is the empowerment of the employee resulting in a change in workplace relationships and a more soulful and purposeful work environment.

 Drawing on the authors' research across six different countries, it presents the evolution of self-management and entrepreneurial culture in the current age of Economy 4.0 and examines how the teal concept has been implemented around the world. It examines misconceptions surrounding this novel approach and diagnoses the practical problems connected with implementing it in the current uncertain times.

It will be of value to researchers, academics, managers, and students in the fields of management and organizational studies.

Link to the book: Self-Management, Entrepreneurial Culture, and Economy 4.0: A Contempor (