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In late December, a research monography by Jarosław Jura (Faculty of Economics and Management) entitled "The specificity of Chinese soft power in Africa on the example of Zambia and Angola. Operationalisation of the concept and empirical analysis based on the study of media content and internauts' statements" was published by Lazarski University Press.

The monography analyses the specific and dynamic of Chinese soft power in Africa based on China-related articles in Zabian and Angolan media published from 2013 till 2019 and netizens' comments to those articles.

More specifically, this monograph sets the following research tasks for itself: to present a new model of the concept of soft power and the specifics of the PRC's expansion model, to operationalize this concept using text mining techniques, to apply this methodology to analyse the dynamics of changes in the image of China and the Chinese in the Zambian and Angolan media, as well as online, to analyse the genesis of these changes and their potential outcomes for Chinese soft power.

The final result of this analysis is the development of a new theoretical model of soft power based on communication models. This approach has allowed for a more systematic operationalisation of the concept, which has been significantly hampered when using more traditional approaches. Using mainly textual data, specifically the content of articles on China and commentaries on those articles, and basic economic indicators, an analysis was made of the effectiveness of Chinese soft power in Zambia and Angola.

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