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The publishing house of the Lazarski University has published a scientific monograph entitled "Rule of law - contemporary challenges" edited by Aneta Łazarska, Ryszard A. Stefański, Przemysław Szustakiewicz.

The publication provides insight into the current issues of a democratic state ruled by law by looking at the issue of the rule of law with a successful attempt to link it with the activities of the current, difficult social and economic realities.

For several years, the rule of law has been on the lips not only of politicians and lawyers. Issues of EU law over Polish patients, for the constitution, electrodes, courts, permanent or not only family law.

The authors of the monograph try to answer the following questions: What is the rule of law, how does it relate to legality and how different it is in various branches of law.

Let us return to the Readers, which represents a publication on the subject of a topic that will have the right to write, more broadly, the Polish state. We encourage you to read and analyze.