Announcement of the release of: Visualising Resilient Communities
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New book by CEEMAN member Mohamed Buheji, with the title Visualising Resilient Communities has been released on 1/2/2020.

This book comes in the right time to remind us how we can be resilient in front of life and global challenges.

Similar to our needs to secure the basic necessities (food, water, shelter and clothing), we need more than ever today to build resilient communities’ livelihoods which have a set of approaches that help us to manage the challenges and be tolerant to a sudden crisis. Communities livelihood involves the capacity to ensure sustainable and continuously developing activities that overcome turbulent economic, ecological, and socially complex contemporary or foreseen situations.

Having intolerant communities that refuse diversified life is a serious socio-economic problem that might lead to both socio-environmental and socio-political problems which deteriorate our livelihood. Therefore, we need to tackle non-resilience as an issue of hidden opportunities that need to be exploited until we reach optimum resilience status.

Being more resilient helps to create lasting change, which is what differentiates any community outcome or realized change. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to create aspiring leaders from around the world who have the right mindset and passion towards creating a difference towards this challenging, positive change.

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Also, it is available as Kindle e-book Version.