Announcement of the release of: You & New Normal
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We are happy to anounce the release of a new book by our member Mohamed Buheji titled You & New Normal.

The book focuses on preparing you to a new era, post a global pandemic that affected every stage in life in an unprecedented way and in a short time. Thus this book would help to live the moment at should be, since there are certain points in the history of humanity when everything changes, and a new version of what we do, who we are, how we relate to each other and how we live, emerges.

These moments are usually triggered by a significant event that rocks the earth’s very foundation. We are living in one of those moments, right now. It’s called a new normal, where old ideas that ruled the day are being replaced by new ones that are more efficient, more effective and more appropriate for the time. But the start of a new normal is not a static moment. When things change, there is a state of flux where the new normal is still seeking to be established. This book provides clarity as to the challenges and the potential of this moment.

This paradigm shift is a rare event, so it is important for us to know what’s happening and how we can thrive and succeed in this time. Using foresight, intuitive knowledge, collective data and indigenous wisdom, we have provided a blueprint on what’s possible and the tools we’ll need to leverage the gifts of this time.

The book is available on Amazon or any main international book stores website:

Also, it is going to be available as a Kindle e-book Version within 10 days.

Dr Mohamed Buheji