Article by Piotr Makowski in The Academy of Management Review
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An article of Piotr Makowski, PhD hab., Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, named: “Conceptual engineering: The assessment of rigor and rudimentary recommendations for theory developers” has been published in The Academy of Management Review journal on 28 May 2021. The article has started many discussions since.

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Conceptual distortions—despite what Oswick et al. (2021) seem to suggest—are not inevitable in conceptualizations and reconceptualizations. What is inevitable is conceptual innovations, editings and adjustments to make concepts right for our theorizing and good for changing social reality. They require a methodic attitude when it comes to precision and manipulating the structure of concepts. Open and democratic theorizing means that we are free to edit concepts, but such maneuvers cannot sanction an anything goes attitude.

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